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Mike Asher masher at tusc.net
Fri Nov 15 17:21:56 EST 1996

D. Braun <dbraun at u.washington.edu> wrote:
>>  "Careful" does not mean indiscriminate
> > condemnation, which is the platform adopted by Greenpeace, The Natural
> >  Law Party, and the European Greens.  
> I have not read a "blanket condemnation" by any political group,
> concerning all gene manipulation

Haven't done much reading, have you?  This is from the Natural Law party:

"When genetic engineers play around with the most intimate structures of
natural organisms, their genetic blueprints, their actions are as dangerous
as those of nuclear physicists, when they rip apart the finest subatomic
structures of the atom which lead to the potential for nuclear destruction.
Although the poisonous effects of genetic engineering on our food and
environment are creeping and silent, the destruction to life that they are
bringing will, in the long run, be like a biological nuclear blast."

Sounds like a blanket condemnation to me.

>  You also did not
> reply to my critique of your discussion of plant breeding that I posted,
> and that you snipped without a fare-the-well. Scent of cop-out noted.

Quick to judge, aren't you? I've responded to every post from you I've
seen, and I'm already getting complaints about my 'excessive' level of
posting.  EMail it to me and I'll post a reply.

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