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D. Braun dbraun at u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 15 15:41:13 EST 1996

On 15 Nov 1996, Mike Asher wrote:

> D. Braun <dbraun at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> > > 
> > > How about those people so terrified of genetically-improving foods give
> us
> > > some sort of evidence that they're dangerous?  The argument that adding
> or
> > > subtracting a gene under human control might create something dangerous
> is
> > > asinine; every time a plant produces seeds *naturally*, each one of
> those
> > > seeds contains a totally new combination of genes, never before seen on
> the
> > > face of the earth.  These new combinations are created randomly, and
> > > released into the environment with no testing of any kind.   That
> sounds a
> > > lot scarier than we might do in a lab somewhere.
> > 
> > ...There are perfectly sound reasons for at least being very careful in
> this
> > area, rather than dismissing alll concerns as rubbish...
> Yes, "careful".  That means picking what genes you will use, and testing
> the end result thouroughly.  "Careful" does not mean indiscriminate
> condemnation, which is the platform adopted by Greenpeace, The Natural Law
> Party, and the European Greens.  

I have not read a "blanket condemnation" by any political group,
concerning all gene manipulation; maybe you can post some material.  Oh,
just a small point, it is proper netiquet to use the word "snip" when
editing someone else's post--- "..." dosen't cut it. You also did not
reply to my critique of your discussion of plant breeding that I posted,
and that you snipped without a fare-the-well. Scent of cop-out noted.

		Dave Braun

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> Mike Asher
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> "In my own country, the UK, I like to point out that the average
> Englishman's garden occupies 1/10 of an acre.  By digging down 1 meter, we
> can extract six kilograms of thorium, two kilograms of uranium, and 7,000
> kilograms of potassium, all of them radioactive.  In a sense, all of that
> is radioactive waste, not man-made, but the residue left over when God
> created the planet."
>    - Walter, Lord Marshall of Goring, head of CEGB.

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