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D. Braun dbraun at u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 15 15:27:11 EST 1996

On 15 Nov 1996, Mike Asher wrote:

> D. Braun <dbraun at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> > > 
> > Well, although people do matter, the fact is, the world's ecosystems will
> > chug along with or without people.
> Glad to see you admit it.  There for a while, I thought you were one of
> those lunatics that thought we could "destroy the earth" or something.

"Admit" it? So, what are you implying--- oh, I see.
> >  The issue is the quality of these
> > ecosystems we use and depend on--- while humans are around.
> Same old switcheroo.  Last post you were complaining I was too
> "people-centric".  Now you're back to 'protect the earth for humanity".  
> That's my philosophy-- I thought you believed in something else?

Maybe you should stop assuming so much.  If you cared to think for a
second, and talk to some enviros, you would understand that the
environmental movement is grounded on the desire to preserve environmental
quality for people. For example, that Native American "claptrap" like
being a steward of the Earth for the seventh generation from now is widely
accepted as a good idea. "Futurists" don't agree; so what-- they live
in a different reality from most people.  There is a
"Deep Ecology" movement, which holds that all organisms have a right to
exist apart from human whims, but this is a minority view.  I have no
argument with this view, as it also has the same objective as I have-- to
increase understanding of the natural world, and to preserve it. 

> >  BTW, what's your excuse for
> > posting over a hundred messages a day? I'd say you have become a little
> > too obsessed with sending your opinions around the world. Been there,
> > done that.
> Now I need an excuse?  And, actually, most of the bulk is email, not posts.


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