Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Nov 17 18:01:20 EST 1996

Jeff Gorman wrote:
> I would appreciate any info on how to find info on the control of
> grapevines.
> Does any one have a remedy that works ?
> thank you
> jeff

Well, as a forester, I often see properties that have an overabundance
of grapevines, usually on very fertile soils. If the vines are so
vigorous as to be killing the trees I just go in and cut the bastards.

Once you cut them, if you maintain a relatively closed canopy, the vines
will never make a serious comeback. But if the stand is loged and the
light gets to the forest floor- the vines will spurt right back to the
top of the trees in a few years. In most cases- aggressive grape vines
grew up with the trees. At least that's the situation here in western

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