EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

David Whitt davwhitt at med.unc.edu
Tue Nov 19 01:37:25 EST 1996

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>David Whitt wrote:
>> And what of the wildlife which called those old, now turned into junk
>> mail, trees in that old-growth forest? .
>They moved into the clear cut and multplied !   GO LOOK!!!!!!!

You must be hallucinating.  Many are becoming endangered but thanks to
people like you, we don't have the protection of the ESA for them like we
use to.

>> There has been plenty of land
>> already cleared by timber companies.  Why can't they just cut down the
>> trees they have supposidly replanted?  .
>Those trees are just now comming online.  Gov polictity was that "if 
>you cut yours,we will let you cut ours so as to keep the cost of 
>housing down".

After centuries they are "just now coming online"?  Where are we building
those new houses?  Where did the land come from?  About every five years
my state's population goes up by one million.  Where are they going?  I
have seen the forests around this area dwindle until now it is hard to
find any wildlife without going 100 miles or more.  

>> Why, even after centuries of
>> lumbering, do we still have to rely on old-growth?  There should be
>> millions of acres of land covered by those trees you claim have been
>> planted.  Where are they?  Why are they not being cut down?  Oh, they're
>> now covered by suburbia and its wonderous malls, golf courses, and
>> McDonalds.  Where will it end?  Without intervention, when there is no
>> more old-growth left.
>Get your head out of your ass and look around and ask questions from 
>those who know more than how to smoke dope.

Very mature there Dale.  You really are showing everyone how much *you*
know with statements like that.  I'll have you know I have never smoked a
joint or even a cigarette.  I'll bet I know a hell of a lot more about
many things than you do too.

>The people on the farms and 

The problem is not with the people on the farms and in the forests.  The
problem is with the timber industry (do you think those timber execs
actually live in the forests?) who cut and run and with the factory farms
which are driving the small farmers out of business.

>It is 
>the fiananciers and buerercrats that do that.  If you want to save the 
>envoirment, join with them and help them fight greed which destroys our 
>natural recourses.

Greed isn't the only problem.  Ignorance is the other.  You are a part of
that problem.

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