EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Mon Nov 18 20:19:35 EST 1996

In article <3290f40f.0 at atheria.europa.com>, bknotts at europa.com writes:
> In <3289CC2F.1B89 at homenet.ie>, J Zeigler <microz at homenet.ie> writes:
> >Bruce Scott TOK wrote:
> >> Then let us hear you give such a passionate denunciation of the bombing
> >> of Judi Bari by anti-environmentalists.  And the "Wise Use" movement in
> >> general.  Most country people are pretty surprised at who they are
> >> getting involved with when they check those groups out.
> >Why don't you tell us what they are because I've never heard of either
> >one of them.
> Judi Bari is an environmental extremist who was driving around
> in her Subaru when it went Boom.
> The authorities concluded, AFAIK, that she was probably trucking
> around pipe bombs, and one of 'em accidentally went off.
> Bari and her eco-nuts vehemently deny this, but no evidence has
> ever surfaced that her opponents did this, as she claims.

You are actually quite wrong.  

After she was arrested, the DA never pressed charges.  Why?  Because
there wasn't enough evidence to convict her.

Of course when she later sued, the Oakland PD and DA's office had
conviently "lost" all of the evidence they might have had.  The FBI
didn't have any real evidence either.  There is a good description of
the bomb taken from the FBI forensic evidence in David Harris's book
"The Last Stand".  If you read that it will be pretty clear that the
bomb was made to blow up a moving vehicle, most probably the vehicle
which was blown up "accidentally".

Granted no evidence has ever surfaced to prove that timber industry
lackies or Wise User's did plant the bomb.  Many chalk that up to the
outright refusal of the the FBI to investigate any other possibility
than their theory that Bari was transporting her own bomb.


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