EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Tue Nov 19 04:36:54 EST 1996

Brian Knotts wrote:

> Judi Bari is an environmental extremist who was driving around
> in her Subaru when it went Boom.

The fact that some environmentalists are crazy is not in itself a good
argument that certain acres should not be protected. I prefer not to
reenter this debate on either side but just to point out that the focus
should be on whether those particular acres have something unique about
them such that they might or might not deserve protection.

I happen to be both a practicing forester who often conducts logging
operations and a guy who loves to backpack in that infinitesimly tiny
remaining acres in America that still look as if the Protestant work
ethic was never invented.

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