EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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>>They sure do ! Of course SOME would have us believe the opposite.
>>Wildlife of all kinds also inhabit the forests planted where once there
>>were only feilds. The Extremists try fostering the belief that Logging
>>turns vast tracts of land into barren wastelands , devoid of life for
>>all eternity. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Conservationists only claim that conversion of old-growth to younger
stands cause those species dependent on old-growth to disappear.

That's hardly a claim that the new stands are "barren wastelands".

This kind of false representation of the disagreement just makes you
look silly.

>>Many people who have no idea of the reality of the situation, simply
>>accept the lies and disinformation campaigns of EF! and the Sierra Club. 

Not to mention the professional biologists of the United States Fish and
Wildlife Service and the United States Forest Service, as well as many
independent researchers and even biologists who work for timber companies,
all who accept the basic truth that some species are dependent on
old-growth forest.

It particularly irks me, as a conservationist who sits with Weyerhauser
biologists in my work with Partners In Flight, to listen to ignoramuses
like you when I know from my personal experiences that timber company
biologists would just laugh at you if they heard your flights of


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