Christmas Trees

Brian Simm b_simm at
Wed Nov 20 18:55:22 EST 1996

Geary N. Searfoss wrote:
> David W. Beede wrote:
> >
> > Amen!
> > Dave Beede
> >
> > >Hog wash!  Most Christmas trees in the U.S. are grown on farms like
> > >rotation crops. There is no deforestation (most of the land has been taken
> > >from other less environmentally sensitive agricultural production), nil
> > >soil erosion (grass ground cover is relatively undisturbed), increased CO2
> > >reduction because these are vigorously growing plants.  And, in my local
> > >community there is free recycling of Christmas trees for landscape mulch.
> > >These are not "trees" being cut.  They are more like bushes and they are
> > >cultivated for this purpose.
> >
> > >I am all for those who wish to use "live Christmas trees" and plant them
> > >following the season.  But your arguments against cut trees are grossly
> > >innaccurate.
> >
> > >Bob Miller
> I weigh in with Bob.
> GearyI have been a professional Forester for over 35 years. The Argument for 
Xmas trees is a valid one. They are now grown on a rotating basis as any 
other crop and are simply harvested at commercial maturity.

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