EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Don Baccus wrote:
> >In article <3292EAFB.66E6 at rippers.com>,
> >norm lenhart  <lenhart at rippers.com> wrote:
> >>They sure do ! Of course SOME would have us believe the opposite.
> >>Wildlife of all kinds also inhabit the forests planted where once there
> >>were only feilds. The Extremists try fostering the belief that Logging
> >>turns vast tracts of land into barren wastelands , devoid of life for
> >>all eternity. Nothing can be further from the truth.
> Conservationists only claim that conversion of old-growth to younger
> stands cause those species dependent on old-growth to disappear.
> That's hardly a claim that the new stands are "barren wastelands".
> This kind of false representation of the disagreement just makes you
> look silly.

Don, There is an enormous difference between a "Conserveationist" (Which
I DID NOT say) and an "Extremeist" (Which IS WHAT I SAID)

The only thing silly I can see here is you trying to belittle me for my
understanding of the facts,while you so obviously are unable to read
english. Are you an Extremist Don ? You surely jump to stupid
conclusions like one. Try a remedial reading course.

> >>Many people who have no idea of the reality of the situation, simply
> >>accept the lies and disinformation campaigns of EF! and the Sierra Club.
> Not to mention the professional biologists of the United States Fish and
> Wildlife Service and the United States Forest Service, as well as many
> independent researchers and even biologists who work for timber companies,
> all who accept the basic truth that some species are dependent on
> old-growth forest.

Talk to biologists not funded/backed/employed by the Sierra Club , or
the Government that is pressured by them
It seems that species CAN and DO adapt. It seems to depend on who you
choose to believe, doesn't it ?

> It particularly irks me, as a conservationist who sits with Weyerhauser
> biologists in my work with Partners In Flight, to listen to ignoramuses
> like you when I know from my personal experiences that timber company
> biologists would just laugh at you if they heard your flights of
> fancy.

It Irks me , as A longtime resident of the woodlands who saw life of all
types thrive in new growth forrests, when someone trys to lend
credibility to his assertions by brandshing his title, to stand on its
merits alone. I have lived in those forrests Don. I came from a long
line of loggers. I saw life thrive before and more importantly AFTER
Logging. Now, If you have not done the same yourself, Try it. I have
serious doubts that "Timber company biologists" are going to "Cut thier
own throats".
All the one sided figures in the world cant reolace being there and
seeing the truth for yourself.
Clarkson University as well as Canton ATC, work with and educate
Biologists every day in the Adirondacks of NYS. Funny that they came up
with different conclusions than you. It is your ignorance showing. Try
expanding your horizons. It is the esscense of science.
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