EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, norm lenhart wrote:

> Dale Wagner wrote:
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> > David Whitt wrote:
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> > > And what of the wildlife which called those old, now turned into junk
> > > mail, trees in that old-growth forest? .
> > .
> > They moved into the clear cut and multplied !   GO LOOK!!!!!!!
> They sure do ! Of course SOME would have us believe the opposite.
> Wildlife of all kinds also inhabit the forests planted where once there
> were only feilds. The Extremists try fostering the belief that Logging
> turns vast tracts of land into barren wastelands , devoid of life for
> all eternity. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Count yourself with the extremists. Several hundred species are currentlu
recognized as being dependent on late successional and old-growth forest,
based on scientific research. This is documented in the EIS for the
President's Forest Plan (Option 9, as amended). 

> Many people who have no idea of the reality of the situation, simply
> accept the lies and disinformation campaigns of EF! and the Sierra Club. 

Maybe you could be specific?

> I challenge these people to go to a place where new logging has occured.
> Naturally, the scene is not one of "Natural beauty". However, go back to
> that same spot 1 year later. You find new trees and plants of all kinds,
> growing. You find the land "Born anew". Much of the time, it is helped
> along by the planting of new timber BY THE LOGGING COMPANYS. NOT BY EF!
> and the SIERRA CLUB!!

I've seen lots of clearcuts, as anyone living (or flying over) the PNW
has. Hardly a challenge. Planting trees increases the number of the
species planted, no surprise there.  They would also seed in, or be
released from the understory as a result of the logging, without any
further help.  Replanting is done to shorten the rotation. Plenty of
enviros have had jobs as tree planters. Its a job.

> Go back to that spot in 5 years. There is little evidence that any
> logging had occured. 


> Go back in 20 years. The forest can be selectively cut and NO evidence
> of past logging exists. 

No. You confuse the color green with a forest ecosystem.  It just so
happens that clearcut logging, followed by short rotations, is a greater
disturbance to forests than fire, windthrow, root disease, bark beetles or
defoliators, or even volcanic eruptions. Think about it.  
> Through out it all, Wildlife fills the area. Those of us from logging
> areas have always known this. EF! and the SC know it all to well. The
> difference is that - that information is counterproductive to thier
> adgenda. It is that adgenda that takes away perfectly useable land and
> "PROIECTS IT". It is that adgenda which causes families to loose jobs.
> It is that adgenda that causes children to go hungry and be denied
> neccacary health care because the parents have lost thier jobs.
> "Protects it" from what ? 

??? Really. Any wildlife = all wildlife?  "Enviros" want to put people
out of work and starve children?" The economy of the PNW is not healthy?
A logger can't get a different job?

> The answer is from people using itrationally, and reasonably. The sad
> truth is they are like a greedy child with too many toys. They say "Dont
> touch that". We say "Why not" ? They say "Because I said so" . When we
> dont listen to them and do it anyway, they run to "Mommy" (the
> government) and lie about how we "wont play fair" . Its a simple
> analogy, but one that fits the situation perfectly.

Fits perfectly? Maybe if you ignore 25 years of research on forests,
forest management, and wildlife biology.  Maybe if you ignore the NFMA and
ESA, why they were passed, and why they should be enforced and
strengthened--- for PEOPLE. Protect the environment, and we are protected.

> These Groups MUST be exposed for the frauds that they are.  As the song
> goes, "This land is your land, This land is my land". We're keeping it
> that way.

The only thing you expose is your own ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

> The desert is in a simmilar crisis. Not an environmental one, but an
> environmentalist coused one. Sierra and EF! scream that the desert is
> being destroyed by everything from ORV's to "Global Warming". As above,

Hmm. I guess all scientific literature (or even common-sense naked-eye
observations to the contrary).

> I challenge people to see for themselves. Get the facts. Come down here
> and talk to the locals. The people who have been here for decades. They
> all tell the same story. The desert is the same today as it was decades
> ago. Sure more people live here. However, a quick trip to the files
> available from the USGS (united states geological survey) offices show
> the truth of the tale. Lump the populated areas together, and you have a
> little spot surrounded by enormous ammounts of land that have never seen
> a human being. 

I see. Maybe you could explain about how the impacts from nuclear testing,
overgrazing, water projects, and ORV's are in fact non-existant? 

> However, Sierra and EF! strongarmed the Govt. into passing the Desert
> Protection Act Somehow the enviro-terrorists figgured that that one
> small spot of population was a mortal danger to 13.8 million acres of
> land.
> It just ain't so folks. Again, come and see for yourselves.

Come see how this guy is really an unconvincing lier.

> This closure too will change.
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Could it be that your personal $ interests have biased your "discussion"
of "facts"?
		Dave Braun

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