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D. Braun dbraun at u.washington.edu
Thu Nov 21 16:56:38 EST 1996

On 16 Nov 1996, Mike Asher wrote:

> David Whitt <davwhitt at med.unc.edu> wrote:
> > >
> > >Anthropomorphism carried to extremity.  Sorry, but I will never attend
> the
> > >"funeral" of a tree.  They're plants....sometimes lovely, sometimes
> > >hideous, sometimes useful, sometimes not.  But they're just plants.  I
> > >won't play a dirge for dead grass in my yard either.  I'll just plant
> some
> > >more.  Just like we do trees.
> > 
> > While they may be "just" plants, they support all life on this planet,
> > including mankind.  It is in our best interest to not destroy them.
> Who proposed destroying every plant on the planet?  When trees are cut
> down, new ones are planted.  The newer trees actually grow faster, and
> perform far better at CO2 uptake and oxygen creation than old-growth
> forests.   

Propaganda.  The issue is storage of carbon in old-growth (and primary
forests), which can be several times greater on an area basis.  I have
made this point before.
> > >> ...Ask yourself one question:  "Why?"  Why are environmentalists
> > >> environmentalists?  Is there money to gain by our position?
> > >
> > >Ask yourself one question: "Why are serial murderers murderers?  Is
> there
> > >money to be made from it?"   
> > 
> > Are you saying that environmentalists are on par with murderers or is
> this
> > simply a red herring?
> I'll explain the logic behind this, using small words.  An opionion was set
> forth that, because environmentalists (sorry for the long one there) are
> not motivated by money, that they must be right and good and true.  I
> disproved the statement by showing a contradictory member, i.e., serial
> murderers.  I made no claims as to how many environmentalists were in fact
> serial murderers, mind you. 

Pure bs, Mike.

> > 
> > What is good for the planet is good for humans too.  This is ONE planet,
> > not two (one for nature and one for man).
> Yes, but what is best for a roach, or a spotted owl, or a white pine tree,
> is not neccesarily whats best for humans.  And, in many cases,
> environmentalists are actually harming the planet they claim to protect.

More pure bs.  Please support these assertions.  

> > ... you simply have been
> > brainwashed by all of those Dow and Dupont commercials (to name a few)
> > telling you they're so good and that they really care about us and the
> > environment.
> I can't recall ever seeing a Dow commercial.  Perhaps you can tell me how
> one goes?
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