Reforestation, or Who's not planting?

Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Nov 22 13:06:08 EST 1996

TWENTY MILLION ACRES AND GROWING:  The US forest products industry has planted or seeded 
almost 20 million acres ( an area roughly equivalent to the size of South Carolina) 
between 1980-1995, according to US Forest Service tree planting data recently obtained 
by AF&PA.  Industry led all ownerships in planting or seeding during this time, 
accounting for slightly more than half of the total acres planted or seeded.  This data 
does ot include millions of acres of forestland that were naturally regenerated by 
industry.  Tree planting on the national forests totaled 207,223 acres in 1995, 
representing a decrease - mostly due to reduced levels of timber harvesting - of 38% 
from the 15-year high of 331,826 acres reported in 1980.  Source: Texas Forestry, Nov 

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