EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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>Dear Norm: the quality of your replies reflects more heat than light.
>I'll be brief.
>On Sat, 23 Nov 1996, norm lenhart wrote:


>> Sure I work in the Off-Road industry. Im Proud of that fact. Would you
>> rather have me on a welfare roll somewhere ? 
>I'd just rather you didn't promote this activity, which has inherently
>high environmental impact, way out of proportion to the impact of other
>users of the same public lands. Personally, I'm all for some motorized
>recreation on public lands--- I just believe that, with the huge road
>network already in place, access should not be expanded, and traffic
>should absolutely stay on roads.  On a case by case
>basis, there are certainly areas where closures are needed for wildlife
>needs, environmental rehab, and increased wilderness solitude. 
>You want to roar over heaps of dirt? Great-- there are plenty of gravel
>pits and old mines which would open for that activity if off-roading was
>stopped on public lands, which it should be. Your uncivility only has
>reduced any sympathy among the public, with the power to curtail off-road
>activity. Congratulations.

You don't understand.  An inseperable part of the thrill of Off-Roading is the 
thrill of destruction.  To confine the activity to gravel pits and strip mines 
would emasculate the sport.

The whole ORV argument relies upon this basic premise, but the ORV enthusiasts 
are too ashamed to admit it.  Which is why ORV enthusiasts seem to not make 
any sense (their arguments lack this necessary, unspoken premise), and why 
they instead resort to invective, as so wonderfully demonstrated by Mr. 
Lenhart (to hide their shame).


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