EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Mon Nov 25 17:28:52 EST 1996

-- Don Baccus wrote:

> >Which still brings us to the fact that they can and DO live in second+
> >growth areas.
> Often, though, these are sink, not source populations.  This is the case,
> for instance, with northern spotted owls found in second-growth, non-redwood
> forests.  They're typically juvies in the post-breeding (and pre-winter
> mortality) dispersal period, or sometimes young pairs which attempt nesting.
> These populations aren't self-supporting (sinks), and without a source
> population will simply disappear.

> Survival of individuals in marginal or inappropriate habitat isn't
> sufficient for survival of the species over time.  There needs to be
> sufficient reproduction to balance annual mortality.

Now were getting somewhere. The answer is obvious even to me, an
Off-Roader. Help propagate the species in these areas. This acomplishes
many things, including the increase in total species population. DEC and
the BLM are fully capable of carrying it out. 

> You don't.  You log in the millions of acres of already-roaded areas,
> in areas already managed for timber production.

Then help the logging industry to keep Sierra and EF! and thier policies
OUT of those areas so that there would be little need to go to other

Don, The logging companys would rather not spend time and money (big
money) on new road construction all the time. The prexisting roads would
be a plus when the timber matures to harvestable age/size. The eco
groups however have had much of this roaded area closed off. In the
areas left open, they protest and cause thousands of dollars in
equipment damage. They are responsible for thier own problem. This is
only one of the reasons that they must be stopped. As I have said
before. If these extremists groups would use common sense instesd of
terrorism tactics, there could well be an amicable solution just over
the horizon. 

Until that happens however, They will just keep terrorizing logging
sites, going to court, getting fined 1 million + dollars and acomplish
nothing. The loggers have no choice but to log in areas that have not
been closed down due to thier pressure on american government. 

Believe it or not Don, I don't just blow off your posts. I read them and
concider carefully what you say.
If Eco groups did the same, we would all be better off. Most
importantly, so would the environment.

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