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>> I suggest you do a little reading.  "Dependent", in the context above,
>> means that the species' prime habitat is found in LS/OG; that they may be
>> found in clearcuts does not make clearcuts prime habitat.

>Which still brings us to the fact that they can and DO live in second+
>growth areas. 

Often, though, these are sink, not source populations.  This is the case,
for instance, with northern spotted owls found in second-growth, non-redwood
forests.  They're typically juvies in the post-breeding (and pre-winter
mortality) dispersal period, or sometimes young pairs which attempt nesting.
These populations aren't self-supporting (sinks), and without a source
population will simply disappear.

Survival of individuals in marginal or inappropriate habitat isn't
sufficient for survival of the species over time.  There needs to be
sufficient reproduction to balance annual mortality.

>> Enviros want to stop the logging of primary forest, especially old-growth,
>> and especially in roadless areas.

>How do you get a truck to the landing without a road to do it ? 

You don't.  You log in the millions of acres of already-roaded areas,
in areas already managed for timber production.


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