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> > > Diccovry runs nature programs all the time about these species being
> > > "dependant and endangered". They all seem
> > > To survive the logging by migration. Conviently froget that ?
> > 
> > Utter nonsense, most animal species are not very mobile.
> > Many live in very narrow niches. A different habitat will not contain the
> > same range of species. This has been demonstrated by research time and time
> > again. Your statments have as much credibility as stating that babies are
> > brought by the stork!
> Utter nonsense. One need not be an evironmental biologist to realize
> that migration need not entail cross continent travel. Your post says
> zero to address my statement.  

If you had the faintest trace of knowledge of the subject of ecology
you would know that I had. It seems that you don't understand what is meant
by a "niche".

> > 
> > Your postings demonstrate a low level of scientific literacy.
> > You refusal to accept easily established facts demonstrates a religious
> > style of belief rather than one based on logic.
> > 
> Coming from someone resolving to "Stork" comments, the admonishment
> holds little weight.

The stork comment is quite appropriate as the level of scientific understanding
which you have demonstrated is extremely poor. This is why I used that 
analogy. I acquired my understanding of the point about habitats at about the
same time as I acquired knowledge of the nature of the human reproductive
process. Hence I think it is reasonable to draw the comparison.

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