wild-grown woodland herbs?

Paul Stewart C/O ABIOGEN stewart at peinet.pe.ca
Fri Nov 22 22:23:44 EST 1996

I would like to hear from anyone in the group who has interest or info on 
planting, transplanting, or wild-enhancing medicinal or culinary herbs in 
underutilized woodlots. We have lots of them on PEI, and would like to develop 
plans to add value to them by growing herbs. I am mostly interested in 
ginseng, sarsparilla, mints, and goldenseal, but would be interested in other 
species the group recommends. Thanks for any interest.

Paul Stewart c/o ABIOGEN Agri-Food Services
RR #2 Vernon Bridge, Prince Edward Island,
(902) 651-3163  (stewart at cycor.ca)

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