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Steve Shook esw at
Thu Oct 3 20:23:11 EST 1996

Shabrid wrote:
> I would like to find out if there is a market for some information I have.
>  I have got eight and a half years of pricing data on lumber and panel
> products.  I can provide product charts, basis charts, moving averages.
> This information can be valuable to lumber buyers helping them determine
> market trends on different products.  It can also be helpful for those
> participating in the futures market by comparing the futures market to the
> cash market.

You need to be a bit more specific.  How did you sample the population? 
Is the price the produder price, wholesaler price, or final consumer
price?  What are the products that you have data on and how specific is
the data (thickness of the board/panel, kiln-dry, f.o.b., length)?  What
markets does your data cover (US West, US North Central, US South, US
East, US Southwest, Canada West, Canada East, an aggregate)?  What is
the periodicity of the data (weekly, monthly, bimonthly, semi-annual,
annual)?  What differentiates your data from Crow's, Random Lengths,
Widman's World Wood, AF&PA Statistical Report, Log Lines, or WWPA Market
Update?  Do you have complete data series?  Are you selling your entire
database or parts?

Steve Shook
Market Analyst, Center for International Trade in Forest Products
University of Washington, Seattle
Steve Shook

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