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M.R. Fitzgerald fitzgerald.regina at
Mon Oct 7 17:51:55 EST 1996

Industry Canada is launching a new series of documents called "Sector 
Competativeness Frameworks"  These documents are designed to provide more 
focused, timely and relevant expertise about Canadian businesses and 
industries.  These Sector Competitiveness Frameworks (SCF's) deal with 
both the "nuts and bolts" issues affecting individual sectors and provide 
comprehensive analysis of policy issues cutting across all sectors.  
Moreover, the SCF's are the cornerstone documents of the Industry Canada 
information collection.  The background information that helped create 
the SCF's will also be available.

You can view the first 10 SCF's, including Forest Products,  at:   or for the french version, check out

The initial series of studies includes: Aircraft & Aircraft Parts, 
Automotive Industry, Bus Manufacturing, Consulting Engineering, Forest 
Products, Household Furniture, Petroleum Products, Primary Steel and Rail 
and Guided Urban Transit Equipment.

Industry Canada

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