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Most wood is used in construction or for making paper. The latest
issue of The Green Disk -- a journal of contemporary
environmental issues published bimonthly on disk -- examines
alternatives to the use of wood for both of these applications,
whether it is using straw or earth as building materials or the
use of alternative fibers such as hemp, kenaf, and agricultural
wastes to make paper.

The movement to protect forests through reduced consumption and
the use of non-wood materials is composed of a vibrant and
rapidly strengthening matrix of organizations, campaigns and
companies. They are the vanguard in a broader movement that is
demanding an overhaul of the dominant industrial paradigm that
disregards environmental concerns in the extraction, use, and
disposal of materials. The latest issue of The Green Disk
contains extensive background articles on alternative fibers and
wood conservation, plus comprehensive listings of organizations,
companies, publications, WWW sites, and other resources for
learning, purchasing and becoming involved in the transformation
of our materials economy. Regular features -- including all the
latest environmental news, listings of new publications and other
media, meetings, jobs, index of magazines and newsletters, and
more -- are also included on the latest issue disk. 

The issue is available in Mac and IBM formats. To order, please
visit http://www.igc.org/greendisk, send an email message to
greendisk at igc.org, or write to: The Green Disk, POB 32224,
Washington, DC 20007.

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