Dispersion strategy of Acacia mearnsii

Gérard Balent balent at toulouse.inra.fr
Wed Oct 16 04:07:17 EST 1996

I have a PhD student starting a research work on landscape colonisation
process by Acacia mearnsii on a tropical volcanic island of Indian
Ocean: Reunion Island.
I'm seeking informations on dispersion strategy (phenology, seed-bank,
predation) and impacts on landscape biodiversity (patch dynamics,
landscape fragmentation) of this tree species.
Thank you.
Gérard Balent  
UMR 5552 "Ecologie Terrestre" (CNRS-Université Paul Sabatier)
INRA-SAD Toulouse, BP 27, F-31326 Castanet-Tolosan Cedex
Phone: +33 61 28 52 58; Fax: +33 61 73 20 77; e-mail:
balent at toulouse.inra.fr

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