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k> I am searching for forestry, forestry product and plant chemical
k> databases. I would be grateful for any  information and will
k> put the collated results up on the net.
k> Thanks
k> Henry Ford

Prof.  Boris Golovkin (Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of
Sciences, Moscow) has SCREENING database comprising information
about medicinal plants (with special attention to tropical groups).
In particular, he has a lot of data about chemical substances found in

The database is maintained using FLORIN Medicinal Plants Application.
FLORIN is an information system designed to handle a wide range of
information about plants: taxonomy, geography, collections,
properties.  We have both personal (DOS) and multiuser (Unix) versions
of the system.  It also supports automated publication of data on the
Web (you may find out some databases on our Web site).  So, if you are
interested in a software, please, look at FLORIN.  SCREENING database
can be ordered together with the system.  We can customize the
software for your specific tasks, if needed.

Please, visit FLORIN Home Page ( or
contact me via email for more information.

Truly yours,

Konstantin Savov
FLORIN Project Leader

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