Where to obtain acorns?

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>Does anyone know where I can obtain seeds (acorns) of any or all
>of the following species?
>Chrysolepis chrysophylla (Castanopsis chrysophylla)
>Lithocarpus henryi
>Quercus fusiformis
>Quercus hypoleucoides
>Quercus semecarpifolia
>Quercus suber v. occidentalis
>Quercus turbinella
>Leif Klingstrom
>leif.klingstrom at ldecs.ericsson.se
HI,  try Kew Gardens, Kew, London, UK.  No more address necessary though
personally I'd ring them.  

Beware:  The Japanese recently imported a container of Q. Robur acorns
from Sherwood Forest (good undiluted stock) at enormous expense only to
have them killed off when the port authority fumigated the container.
(Slight snigger).  

Do tell what you're up to.  Are you going to propogate millions of oaks
for your kids or something?  I resist answering your very erudite
message with "try the park".  Best Regards,
Les Ballard         Les at gates.demon.co.uk

c/o BM: Gates of Annwn
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