radial tree stem growth

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Mon Oct 28 01:41:40 EST 1996

Webmaster wrote:
> I am recognizing growth ring width differences on the side of a
> > tree that has the root system extending into a lake vs. the other side where
> > thre root system extends upslope above the water table.  Please help if you
> > have any ideas.
> Allan, I have observed this around my pond, particularly in Quercus
> Nigra.
> StephenYep, give em water and they grow.  The difference is in the root 
developement to take advantage of the water source, the continual 
photosynthesis through stress ful times when the up slope side may have 
less available water, but root depth should compensate for some of that. 
You can see the same radial differentiation under large limbs on older 
trees, look to the tops and you may see that the pond side of the tree 
had a larger limb structure out over the water, where there is less 
competition for sun light.

Good observation, guys.

Ruminations of an old Forester.

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