Trees from seeds (cones): need info

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Fri Oct 25 02:13:06 EST 1996

I don't get on this here highway very often, so I must apologize that this is
so long after your initial inquiry.  The best source I have ever found for
tree seeds, their gathering, storage, germination, etc., is a hard cover book
called SEEDS OF WOODY PLANTS IN THE UNITED STATES.  It probably would be
useful in the Maritimes as well.  It was put out by the USDA Forest Service
and is Agricultural Handbook No. 450.  I doubt that it is still in print, but
it is well worth seeking out.  It has two sections, the first containing
princoples and general methods of producing and handling seeds.  The second
has seed data on 188 genera of woody plants including flowering and fruiting
dates, seed processing methods, storage conditions, seed yields and weights,
methods of breaking seed dormancy, germination tests, and plenty of photos.  
It might be worth at least writing to:

	Superintendent of Documents
	U.S. Government Printing Office
	Washington, D.C.  20402

As I say, it's well worth the search.

Best of luck.
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