Amount of oxygen a plants put out?

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>Having tried several texts without success, does anyone know where I can
>find out the amount of oxygen output for any kind of plant or plants.
>      Thank you for helping.
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Government agencies can usually help.  Trees give off 3 times the oxygen
while growing.  After maturity they go downhill.  A broad leaved tree
gives off 3 - 7 times the o a pine does.  An oak gives 3 - 7 times that
of other, lesser, deciduous trees.  A pine supports 19 forms of life,
mainly arachnids.  An oak supports 69 including deer & man.  A
rainforest tree gives several times the oxygen of an oak.  One tree
supports one human and vice versa (for CO2). We have lost a lot of o to
space through the ozone layer hole.  There is only enough o and trees to
recycle it to last us 70 years according to one computer model.  The
next best thing to get o from is kelp.  Much kelp will die in changing
water levels.  It takes a long time to grow up to a mile to the surface. 
I hope this helps.  I'm sorry I can't give sources apart from my own
authority that they are standard perceived knowledge.    Regards
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