Geese eating roses and other plants

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>We have 18 geese running loose on our little farm.  It is nice that they
>keep the grass short, but they also like to eat the new banana plants,
>roses, etc.  
>Short of building a fence around the geese or the plants, is there 
>thing I can plant or a chemical I can apply that will discourage 
>the geese from mutilating these other plants?
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Try a live wire, earthed & insulated, to see if geese will cross it.
Some creatures see a field around the wire & won't cross it.  Some do.
Of course you can always use a tiny electric fence if they cannot see
the field then, once trained, turn the electric off.  However, it does
not escape my attention that geese fly & many fluffy bunny brigade types
would flame me for even mentioning electric fences.  Enjoy!
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