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>Hi there,
>I'm a French student and I need advice on the research subject I chose:
>* Influence of the evolution of landscape structure on the future
>* of polluting matters.
>Thanks in advance for your help!
>Vincent AYALA, <yates at>
Hi, The influence of landscape evolution on future pollution matters, or
environmental concerns, is only an interesting subject if you can agree
what point in time you consider was the starting point of the evolution.
You presumably want to concentrate on (relatively) recent evolution in
non wilderness areas.  However, do you consider the start (in Western
Europe anyway) when the first tree was cut and a fire lit, or - for
example - after the Romans left?  Then there's the point after the
plague which halved the population.  Of course, to deal with subjects
like the pollution of the river Rhine you only have to go back to the
start of industry - maybe even the chemical industry.  What is certain
is that landscapes are ever changing and will change more in your
lifetime than several before you were born due to global warming.  Is
the French government, for example, happy to start planting their
tropical rain forest around Cannes now?  What about the farms in the
area and the loss of fishing while water levels settle.  (2 centuries?)
Then there's the possibility of fish farming in the new shallows that
can be formed in the Rhone Valley.  Where will all the white horses go?

Big subject isn't it?   Adieu
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