2nd Annual Turtle Mt. Forestry Expo

Robert Underwood runderwo at plains.nodak.edu
Wed Sep 4 19:12:45 EST 1996

September 14 and 15, the Bottineau County Fairgrounds will once again be 
the site of the Turtle Mountain Forestry Expo.  Started last year, the 
festival is based on Bottineau and the Turtle Mts. roles in the 
furthering of forestry in the northern great plains.  As one of the few 
original forested areas in the region and the home of the North Dakota 
School of Forestry, established in 1906, the role has been significant.   
If you have any interest in the forestry field, or utilize any wood products
you are welcome to come as an observer or exhibitor.  Entrance if free 
and a fee of only $10 is charged for a commercial exhibitor's booth.  
Information exhibits are also free.  Many demonstrations are offered in 
both old and new skills.

Join us for the fun in Bottineau, ND.

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