Tree Question

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Sep 8 13:18:46 EST 1996

Don Staples wrote:
> Most species have a wide range of climate they can tolerate, may not last
> long, may not reproduce, and may be replanted every few years, but the
> survival rate is significant, for short periods.  Most species in the States
> spread from Canada to the gulf, and adapt for the climate.  We have red woods
> in Texas!  About 35 acres worth north of the Gulf about 70 miles, the last
> species I would have expected in the Gulf Coast area.

I've heard there is a fine stand of Bald Cypress somewhere near Buffalo, NY. 
I'm not sure if they're also covered with Spanish Moss as in the southeast.

> In article <50s9us$fgs at> djones at (David G. Jones)
> writes:>From: djones at (David G. Jones)
> >Subject: Tree Question
> >Date: 7 Sep 1996 17:04:28 GMT
> >Here in Ottawa we have the "Central Experimental Farm" and Arboretum.
> >Visited there today and have a question for someone: We have trees in
> >this location from many climatic zones including the southern United
> > can they survive through our frost?

When a species does OK north of its range that often indicates that the species 
once did live there before the ice age, but after each retreat of the ice- some 
species take longer to find their way back. The real test is if the species 
"escapes" from a planting.

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