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> Like what you have to say about gov and sip programs. Have been there done
> that.  We are a publication (home grown solar powered laptop published)
> dedicated to networking with horseloggers around the planet. have been up
> for 5 years.  leave a message, like to hear from you.  Outside of PNW, New
> York has more horseloggers than anywhere else. has to do with
> demographics.
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> Horselogger's Int.
> gcaudell at
> Save the World with Horsepower!

I would love to see a copy of your publication.  I recently sent some
information on the Turner Foundation to a horse logger in OH.  I hope that
we can do an article on horse logging in our magazine, Forest Products
Equipment.  Could you send me a copy of your pub so we can learn more
about horselogging?  The address is:

L&W Publishing
P.O. Box 789
Swainsboro, GA  30401
attn: Allen Smith

We're on the Web.  Check us out at

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