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Anita Petrie A.Petrie at
Mon Sep 23 22:49:53 EST 1996

Earlier this year I posted one or two articles about my research project on 16 
Cabinet timber trees in an agroforestry trial. 

In studying the results I have been having some trouble in determining the 
best way to look at the branch data. I have the azimuth (orientation) and 
Inclination angle of every main branch off the bole for the species with 4 - 6 
replicates of each. At this stage I have plotted frequency distribution 
histograms for each species, and have been unable to find any overwhelming 
patterns between the species that I can relate to any growth parameters etc. 

If anyone has any ideas on how to look at this data or what to look for I 
would be most appreciative.

Anita Petrie


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