Sustainable Agriculture, the Tropics and the Environment

Nicholas Waltham nwaltham at
Wed Apr 2 17:41:23 EST 1997

The Tropical Ecological Farm Web Site

I invite you to visit the Tropical Ecological Farm Web Site.

This site provides detailed information, with easily readable texts with
colour photographs as well as scientific papers, about the technologies in
use on the farm. It describes the use of local breeds and locally available
resources in an integrated farming system. Topics include biodigestors,
duckweed as a source of protein, multipurpose trees, fish, local pigs,
goats and chickens, Sugar cane and Sugar Palm.

The Tropical Ecological Farm is a working farm that shows sustainable
agriculture in tropical regions can be very productive, and that it is not
necessary to rely on intensive inputs for a farmer and his family to have a
good standard of living.

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