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The Game Conservancy Trust - working for you

Come see the work we are doing on all aspects of wildlife from trout and
salmon to farmland songbirds, we care about the countryside and it's
wildlife and wish to see it managed properly.  We are working for you in
the countryside to see a better future.  We are working on improving
farming techniques for farmland wildlife such as rare songbirds and
gamebirds, managing fisheries to improve native stocks of wild brown trout,
salmon and crayfish and much much more.

Fisheries : work on habitat restoration and management in salmonid
fisheries, working on trout, salmon and their habitats.  Habitat management
has been shown to have beneficial effects on crayfish numbers.  Check out
the work we are doing.

Ornithology : work on farmland birds, we are trying to help the
conservation and management of threatened farmland birds such as finches
and buntings and the Grey Partridge by working on practical agricultural
methods which are beneficial to wildlife.

Farming : we have launched a special group for arable farmers who are
interested in helping wildlife and conservation, check out the site for
more details

Short Rotation Coppice : we are working on the effects of SRC on wildlife
and ways in which SRC can be grown to benefit wildlife

Entomology : we are working on practical methods of helping farmland
insects.  These are beneficial food sources for farmland birds such as the
Grey Partridge.

There's lots lots more for all, including our shop catalogue with lots of
gifts items including picnic items, clothing and lots of books.


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