Trees for profit

Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Apr 7 10:38:54 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote:
> I have read, with interest, the recent postings on the value of trees.
> In my neck of the woods there aren't much woods.  Most of the land is
> urban or agricultural.  However, I still hear of trees beig sold at the
> stump for 2 - 3 THOUSAND dollars.  Even in Canadian dollars, that is a
> lot of money for ONE tree.  These are high valued hardwoods, walnut,
> cherry, hickory, whatever.  Forget about pulpwood!  Grow high value
> hardwoods if you can and wait.

I know of one walnut tree in northern Illinoise that sold for $37,000 on
the stump.  Unusual tree, but shows what the potential is.  And don't
bad mouth pulp wood, they are the competition that forces the finale
crop tree to be what it is, pruned, straight, and a survivor.  Every
plant is a part of the formulae for growing that finale crop.

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