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Tue Apr 8 00:45:15 EST 1997

Institute for Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics wrote:
> Hi!. We are trying to introduce and produce some species in our organic
> farm
> located in the high mountains of the Peruvian amazonia. We thank you
> if you can help us.
> 1. Which is the phenologic stage for collecting "Citronella
> Grass"(Cymbopogon
> nardus)? How many cuts can carried out during the year? And When?
> 2. What is the collection (harvest) form and what is the percentage of
> humidity loss in "Citronella Grass" (Cymbopogon nardus)? Is it similar
>  to "Lemon Grass" (Cymbopogon citratus)?
> 3. What registered pathogen causes root rot and foliage infection in
> "Borage"
> (Borago officinalis) and what are the control methods applied?
> 4. What is the difference between Ruta chalepensis and Ruta grabeolis?
> Which one is for commercial use?
> 5.What are the medicinal species you are working with in your experimental
> field?
> 1.-     Is there some type of virosis registered in "Chamomile"?
> 2.-     Why do some species have a low germinative capacity? Is there any
> treatment for increasing their germinative capacity?( See chart of
> germinative evaluation)
> 3.-     What is the agent causing the root rotting in the "Borage"?
> 4.-     Is Helmintosporium registered attacking "Citronella Grass"? Why is this
> pathogen registered in "Lemon Grass"?
> Thank you again for your help and we look forward to your response.
sorry cant help but good luck!!

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