Trees for profit

Brian White hewlett at
Thu Apr 10 00:59:41 EST 1997

This is a very interesting thread you have started, Jamie.  You might
like to visit my site:

My company has some environmentally friendly technology for irrigated
hardwood forestry.

Our expertise is mainly with Australian natives, but that's OK, because
they have formed the basis for much of the hardwood plantation industry
around the world.  A little known fact is that with the right milling
and drying technology, some hardwood pulp species, such as Eucalyptus
grandis, are quite OK for furniture and joinery, with a beautiful light
coloured timber.

We have a fast growing acacia here which is highly sought after on the
Aussie market, known locally as blackwood.  This is a dead ringer for
black walnut.  In subtropical conditions, these trees are capable of
60-70' growth in 7 years, with a girth of 11-14".  They also make good
poles, if they are to be commercially thinned in the early stages of the
plantation's existence.



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