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Jamie Simpson jamessim at
Thu Apr 10 01:25:43 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:
> I'll buy and move as much quality hard wood as I can find, or sell it
> for my clients.  The problem in Texas is we have no quality hard wood
> market, no secondary furniture industry to demand better quality
> hardwood.  Consequently the grade white and red oak goes for sewer
> lumber, ash to fire wood.  I had a marked sale of 120 M bdft this past
> year, 70% red oak 20% white oak, and the rest mixed.  AVerage about 400
> bd ft to the tree, best hard wood I had marked in years.  Top bid was
> $7,800.00, pulled it off the market and still have it.  I'll evenually
> find a cabinet maker or contractor looking for hard wood and move it by
> the tree.
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> Ego Stroke:

You can send this up to Ontario and still make a profit.  We import
ludicrous amounts of oak given the quality growing conditions for this
species.  Most goes into cabinets and flooring of new homes.  but the
native oak population was decimated by overcutting many years ago and a
policy of fire suppression.  Many areas that supported oak are now under
low quality maple and beech in central Ontario and under corn and beans
in the south.  Much of our imports come from the Alleghaney plateau and
further south for white oak.  Shipping costs being relatively low, some
of your market may come from north of the 49th!

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