Need Neem Information

Brian White hewlett at
Thu Apr 10 01:12:00 EST 1997

I have used neem, and am aware of a number of neem products available ex
India.  These are Neem seed extract (azadarachtin) in powder form, neem
seed oil, emulsified neem seed oil (water miscible) and neem seed cake.

For a general overview of neem, do an altavista or lycos search.

but try this one

Neem seed cake is interesting, as it can be used as an organic
fertiliser, and is also very successful in killing parasitic insects in
the soil.  Neem is safe, and is the only insecticide I can think of
where the salesman can safely dip his tongue into the product.

It works on the CNS of insects and arthropods.  Once sprayed on a plant,
the plant can take the neem up, and it acts as a deterrant to insect
attack.  Those insects which eat the neem, immediately suffer two
effects.  They appear paralysed, and stop eating.  They simply sit still
and starve over several days.

So, this is good stuff.  The Neem tree is a large, spreading tree, and
is also known as white cedar.  Its timber is good for furniture.  The
tree is deciduous, and defoliates in the dry season (cooler months). 
Neem is tropical/subtropical, and is highly drought resistant.



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