What is Cotalaria ochroleuca

Abraham Afewerki afewerki at wiz.uni-kassel.de
Tue Apr 15 13:45:53 EST 1997


Can anyone give me inormations about Crotalaria ochroleuca or Crotalaria 
spp.? I have the folowing questions. I need for my project.

1. How much N is fixed by Crotalaria ochroleuca under the present
farming sysem.Can the amount of N fixed be improved by for example, use
of better strains of Rhizobium or use of optimum plant population?

2. How much organic matter is added to the soil through the use pf
Crotalaria ochroleuca or spp. and ca it be maximized,say by manipulating
plant population.

3. What is the rate of decomposition of organic mater from Crotalaria
Ochroleuca and varios system of usage?

4. Is weed suppression affected through competion or allelopathy?

5. How does c. ochroleuca as a weed suppressor fit into the different
cropping system?

6. What minimum threshhold C. Ochroleuca population is required for
economic level of weed control to be achieved?

Pleace send me in my PM.

Thanks a lot

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