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                       F I N A L  P R O G R A M

                             ISESS 1997

                  Second International Symposium
                   Environmental Software Systems

                       Whistler, BC, Canada
                      April 28 to May 1, 1997

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DAY 1			Monday, April 28, 1997

09.00 - 09.30		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
1A: OPEN		Opening Session (Chairperson: Ralf Denzer)

	Welcome and Introduction into ISESS 1997
	Ralf Denzer, Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes, 

09.30 - 10.30		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
2A: KEY-I		Keynote Lecture I (Chairperson: Dave Swayne)

	Atmospheric Environmental Information - 
             An Overview with Canadian Examples
	Ann Mc Millan, Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada

11.00 - 12.30		Mt. Currie Room A
3A: EIS			Environmental Information Systems I 
                                          (Chairperson: Carol Demas)

	A Data Management Strategy for Scientific Research
	Ann Roberts, Natural Environment Research Council, Great Britain

	Using Active Behaviour in Environmental Monitoring Systems
	Johannes Gutleber, Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf, Austria

	Automation of Information Support for Environmental Management in the 
        Republic of Bashkortostan
	Vladimir E. Gvozdev, Institute for Applied Ecology and 
                             Natural Resources Use, Russia

11.00 - 12.30		Mt. Currie Room B
3B: MOD-I		Modelling and Simulation I 
                                          (Chairperson: Bernd Page)

	Distributed Individual-Based Environmental Simulation
	Mark Scahill, University of Kent at Canterbury, Great Britain

	Monte-Carlo Simulation of Rain Water Harvesting Systems
	Vikram Vyas, Ajit Foundation, India

	The Implementaion and Visualization of a Large Spatial 
         Individual-Based Model
	Tim Hopkins, University of Kent at Canterbury, Great Britain

14.00 - 15.30		Mt. Currie Room A
4A: ECO			Ecological and Agricultural Applications 
                                     (Chairperson: Vladimir Gvozdev)

	Subpixel Mixture Modelling Applied for Vegetation Monitoring
	Sonia Bouzidi, INRIA, France

	The Wildlife Management System of Schleswig-Holstein - A GIS based 
         Tool to Monitor Game and Endangered Species
	Peter Fischer, Universitaet des Saarlandes, Germany

	Design and Prototype of an Information System for 
         Regional Ecobalances
	Roman Lenz, Fachhochschule Nuertingen, Germany

14.00 - 15.30		Mt. Currie Room B
4B: DSS-I		Decision Support Systems I (Chairperson: Martin Purvis)

	Development of an Environmental Flows Decision Support System
	William J. Young, CSIRO, Division of Water Resources, Australia

	Great Lakes Toxic Chemicals Decision Support System
	W. G. Booty, National Water Research Institute, Canada

	Soil Prediction on a Low Budget? - Ask the Expert!
	Martin Ameskamp, Universitaet Kiel, Germany

16.00 - 17.30		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
5A: TUT			Tutorial

	Base Technologies for Distributed Environmental Information Systems
	Arne Koschel, Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany

DAY 2			Tuesday, April 29, 1997

08.30 - 09.30		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
6A: KEY-II		Keynote Lecture II (Chairperson: Gerald Schimak)

	The Development of Computer Based Watershed Management Systems
	David Lam, Environment Canada

10.00 - 11.00		Mt. Currie Room A
7A: META		Meta Information (Chairperson: Kenneth Mc Kay)

	Data and Metadata Management in Distributed 
         Environmental Information Systems
	Arne Koschel, Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany

	Intelligent Guiding to User Services in Earth Observation and 
         Environmental Systems
	Matthias Zingler, ESA ESRIN, Italy

10.00 - 11.00		Mt. Currie Room B
7B: DSS-II		Decision Support Systems II 
                                         (Chairperson: Sarah Jennings)

	Environmental Problems - A Transnational Solution supporting 
         Cooperation of all relevant Social Forces
	Josef Burgard, DFKI, Germany

	Integration of Nonpoint Source Pollution Model with a 
         Decision Support System
	Luis F. Leon, University of Waterloo, Canada

15.00 - 16.00		Mt. Currie Room A
8A: GIS			Geographical Information System Applications 
                                          (Chairperson: Jim A. Foster)

	Machine-based Determination of Conservation in Mexico
	Lorrain Giddings, Instituto de Ecologica, Mexico

	An Approach to Hypermap-Based Applications
	Maria Nelson, University of Waterloo, Canada

15.00 - 16.00		Mt. Currie Room B
8B: MOD-II		Modelling and Simulation II 
                                         (Chairperson: Rolf Gruetzner)

	Integrating Simulation Models into Environmental Information 
         Systems - Model Analysis
	Thomas Clemen, Universitaet Kiel, Germany

	Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Atmospheric Back-Trajectories 
         with Application to Long Range Transport of Air Pollution
	J. D. MacNeil, University of Guelph, Canada

16.30 - 17.30		Mt. Currie Room A
9A: WWW			World Wid Web Applications 
                                           (Chairperson: Jacek Gibert)

	Inside an Environmental Data Archive WWW Site
	Teresa Yow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

	Management of Distributed and Heterogeneous Resources for 
         Environmental Administrations
	Wolf-Fritz Riekert, FAW Ulm, Germany

19.30 - Infinity	Mt. Currie Ball Room: CONFERENCE DINNER

DAY 3			Wednesday, April 30, 1997


08.30 - 09.30		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
10A: KEY-III		Keynote Lecture III (Chairperson: Ann Mc Millan)

	Environmental Management Information Systems for Production 
         and Recycling
	Lorenz Hilty, FAW Ulm, Germany

10.00 - 11.30		Mt. Currie Room A
11A: IEIP		Industrial Environmental Information Processing 
                                         (Chairperson: Reiner Guettler)

	Developing a Product Safety Database for improved Business 
          Process Support in Environmental and 	Safety Affairs
	Andreas Schuh, BASF AG, Germany

	Development of a Pollution Prevention Tool for Design of 
         Continous Chemical Processes
	D. W. Pennington, Hong-Kong University of Science and 
        Technology, Hong Kong

	Application of Fuzzy Petri Net Simulation for Integrated 
         Environmental Control of Production Networks
	Guido Siestrup, Universitaet Bremen, Germany

10.00 - 11.30		Mt. Currie Room B
11B: MOD-III		Modelling and Simulation III 
                                           (Chairperson: Robert Argent)

	Large Scale Simulation/Optimization Modelling for 
         Water Resource Allocation in East-Central Florida
	Carol Demas, University of Florida, USA

	Individual-Oriented Modelling and Simulation for the 
         Analysis of Complex Environmental Systems
	Rolf Gruetzner, Universitaet Rostock, Germany

	A Guidance System for Choosing Analytical Contaminant 
         Transport Models
	Lu-Chia Cuang, University of Houston, USA

11.45 - 13.00		Sutcliffe Room B
12A: POS		Poster and Software Presentations 
                                              (Chairperson: Roman Lenz)

	Land Use Decisions and Site Selection: A GIS-based Method
	Simon Veitch, Natural Resource Information Centre, Australia

	Air Quality Information System
	Hossam Allam, CEDARE, Egypt

	A Time Series Database for Environmental Data
	Guy Halliburton, National Institute of Water & 
        Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

	The World Wide Web as a Two-Way Information Service
	Bruce MacDonald, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

	Simple Grid Mapping Software for Resource Management and Education
	Aquiles Negrete, Instituto de Ecologica, Mexico

	Details tba

14.30 - 16.00		Mt. Currie Room A
13A: EST		Environmental Software Tools 
                                      (Chairperson: Ernst-Erich Doberkat)

	General Purpose Computer-Aided Engineering Tools for 
         Environmental Software Systems
	James H. Garrett, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

	Environmental Software and Management Questions - Is the 
         Cart before the Horse
	Robert M. Argent, Department of Civil and Environmental 
         Engineering, Australia

	An Environmental Impact Assessment Model for Water Resources Screening
	Halil Ari, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

14.30 - 16.00		Mt. Currie Room B
13B: OOS		Object Oriented Systems (Chairperson: Ruth Swetnam)

	Groundwater Modelling Using the Random Walk Method on 
         Top of Object-Oriented Systems
	Andreas Matheja, Universitaet Hannover, Germany

	Object-Oriented Specification of Models and Experiments 
         in Traffic Simulation
	Holger Muegge, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany

	Applying the Object-Oriented Paradigm to Integrated Water 
         Resource Planning and Management
	Jacek Gibert, CSIRO, Australia

16.30 - 17.30		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
14A: STS		Special Topic Session (Chairperson: Colin Mayfield)

	SPECIAL TOPIC: Global Change
	Details tba

	Details tba

DAY 4			Thursday, May 1, 1997

08.00 - 09.00		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
15A: KEY-IV		Keynote Lecture IV         (Chairperson: Don Cowan)

	Neuro-Fuzzy Methods for Environmental Modelling
	Martin Purvis, University of Otago, New Zealand

09.30 - 11.00		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
16A: BPI		Best Papers of ISESS 1997 
                                            (Chairperson: William J. Young)

	GIS-Based Risk Assessment of Water Supply Intakes in 
          the British Uplands
	Jim A. Foster, University of Leeds, Great Britain

	Re-Engineering the German Integrated System for Measuring and 
          Assessing Environmental Radioactivity
	Ernst-Erich Doberkat, ICD, Germany

	Modelling Ecological Change on Set-Aside Arable Land 
          Using a GIS Approach
	Ruth D. Swetnam, The Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Great Britain

11.00 - 12.00		Plenary, Mt. Currie Room
17A: CLOSE		Closing Panel (Chairperson: David A. Swayne)

	Closing Panel
	David A. Swayne, University of Guelph, Canada

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