Costa Rican Eco-Website Workshop, June 1997

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Wed Apr 16 16:32:46 EST 1997

Center for Electronic Art -a nonprofit training  center
250 4th St. 
San Francisco, CA 94103

Several times a year, CEA offers an Interactive Multimedia Intensive for 
all interested individuals. Students work together as a production team 
under the tutelage of professional CEA faculty  to create a piece of 
multimedia that is beneficial to the community and the orgazation it is 
being developed for. These projects are always done in conjunction with 
varying well known organizations, such as the Exploratorium, the SFMOMA, 
the Envirnmental Protection Agency, the Coral Reef Alliance, and most 
recently, the Oakland Zoo.

This summer, June 2-June 13, CEA and the intensive participants will dive 
headlong into the tropical rainforest  of Costa Rica. By traveling to the 
cloudforest itself, this intensive will immerse the student in the 
mystery, wonder and magnificence of that environment. More than just 
tourists, the team will be working with people from the Monteverde 
Institute whose lives are dedicated to spreading the word about the need 
for preserving our planets' rainforests.

In the CEA Interactive Multimedia  Intensive, you will be organized into 
an efficient and cohesive production team that draws on your existing 
artistic and digital know-how, but also cultivates new skills and 
knowledge that will be instumental in the creation of a website for the 
Monteverde Insititute. Authoring web pages with HTML, creating, 
modifying, and compressing graphics, filming video, recording audio, and 
preparing  them for distribution over the web, as well as developing a 
comprehensive and cohesive design for the website that accurately 
represents the mission of the Monteverde Institute are some of the 
projects involved in working on this production team.  Hiking through the 
reserve, birdwatching, and other activities will also be involved in the 
experience of becoming familiar with the rainforest and what it has to offer.

Some of the extracurricular activities include:
Wednesday am, June 4th  Bird walk in Bajo del Tigre
Thursday pm, June 5th   Bat mistnetting
Saturday am, June 7th   Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve- Fogden Slide Show
Sunday am, June 8th     Santa Elena Reserve
Sunday pm, June 8th  Butterfly Garden
Tuesday am, June 10th   Bird walk
Wednesday pm, June 11th Night hike in Cloudforest Reserve
(this schedule is currently unfinalized and may vary slightly)

All lodging, in-country costs, the intensive, and several extra 
curricular activities are included in the fee of $3,050.00 for this 
program. Airfare  is not included. If you are interested in this program, 
please call the Center for Electronic Art  at (415)512-9300 for a 
comprehensive information  packet on CEA, the Monteverde Institute, and 
lodging and logistical arrangements.

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