Forests in International Environmental Politics

International Books i-books at
Fri Apr 18 13:13:15 EST 1997

We at International Books have been getting e-mail requests from all
around the world for Ans Kolk's book Forest In International
Environmental politics. They probably hear about the book because it
has been getting such good reviews in forestry publications around the
world. The Commonwealth Forestry Association wrote in its March issue,
for example, that it is a "magesterial work: thorough, impartial,
well-informed and well written.  Most people wonder whether the book
can be ordered by e-mail. 
The answer is yes.
All you have to do is provide us with a visa card or a mastercard
number (and, of course, the date of expiry), let us know the address
you would like the book sent to (US price is $29.95, and we add
postage costs) and whether you would like it by air or by sea mail.
Lin Pugh
International Books, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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