Tongass National Forest (justification for mass destruction)

Jethro Bodine ifjed at
Wed Apr 16 15:07:38 EST 1997

>I've just returned from Ketchican where I was looking at used equipment 
>from the recently closed pulp mill.  Why is this mill closed?  Why was the 
>fibre resource withdrawn?  What stable non-seasonal employment will be
>available in the town?  Does anyone other than Alaskans care about the 
>human consequences of alienating this forest land?

Fortunately some people do care about the consequences, i.e, the real 
consequences.  Unsustainable clearcut logging on a massive scale and 
destruction of the salmon runs is too high a price to pay (these are 
just a few of the prices to be paid).  This isn't, by the way, one of those 
Japanese-owned mills to which the Forest Service is literally giving away 
our forest resources for a song, is it?

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