ginseng and reforestation

Ahmed Gaballa agaballa at
Mon Apr 21 10:20:09 EST 1997


I am a post-graduate student at the Univerity of Brussels(VUB), currently
doing some research for my thesis on the possibilities of the
ginsengculture as an environmentally responsible crop, when cultivated
under close-to-natural conditions. Since american ginseng (Panax
quinquefolium) has its natural habitat under deciduous forest canopy, I am
interested in finding out as much as possible about this natural
environment. Part of my thesis will also be an economical analysis of
different inputlevel cultivation techniques. For that, I need current
market prices for this specialty crop, where I now have to base my
calculations on figures going back to the period of around 1984-1988. If
anyone could help me obtain these data, I would be very grateful. 

Please note that I can only be reached at the email address of dr.
Bogemans, here at the institute:  jobogema at
Thanks very much!


David Michiels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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