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>wow !  that is one of the scariest things i have read in a long time - and
>i thought it was bad here in bc, with all our hybrid poplar plantations
>springing up (9-13 year rotation).  can't deliver much of a community in 9
>years, can you?

But you *can* deliver 10 times the wood produced by native conifer
forests.  So, 1 hectare of hybrid poplar plantation grown on pasture land
(since poplar plantations are almost never grown on anything but ag
quality sites) can spare 10 hectares of PNW conifer forest used just for
chips.  Not a bad trade, IMO.

> why would they need to chip whole trees when they could
>take 1/3 of the waste we leave on our settings here in bc and come up with
>the same amount of chips?

Could it be because they need a predictable supply of short fiber for
making fine white paper?  Or tissue?

>besides, don't they believe in recycling paper
>or what?

Sure they do.  But papermaking still requires virgin fiber, unless the
Second Law has been repealed.

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