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Thu Apr 24 01:58:12 EST 1997

doug fir IS mildly shade tolerant, so it should have no problem germinating
under the right environmental factors (some light, moisture, well-drained,
etc.) BUT don't expect it to grow in leaps and bounds until the overstorey
starts to fall (naturally or otherwise) -  for optimum growth, full
sunlight is desirable.   Check "Regenerating BC's Forests" UBC Press 1990 -
there is a table on page 66 that cites many different growth factors for
different native species.  As I only occasionally take anything i read at
face value, i can back this up with a few years of  field experience :)   
- this also holds true for other coniferous species, only with different
levels of shade tolerance...

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> > Larry Caldwell wrote:
> >   I've
> > > planted the understory with doug fir, but it will be 20 years before
> > > fir is adequately established to take over the job of soil nailing
> > > dirt to the hillside.
> >
> > Larry, one thing a forester might have told you is that underplanting
> > Douglas Fir would probably not be the most effective way to regenerate
> > your stand, since they require full sunlight for growth.
> I've heard this thesis before, and would like the citation for this
> information. I have found Douglas fir reseeding itself and germinating
> well under near full- canopy conditions in Multnomah, Clackamas and Linn
> counties of Oregon. Before the data take on a life of its own, where did
> it come from?
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