1997 Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop (PNW97) June 21-23, 1997 at Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington

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Since 1994, there are new developments in the bamboo world. The PNW97
presentations address several of the new directions in the bamboo
community. These areas  include processing domestic bamboo, bamboo as
fodder, effects of and managing the flower cycles, economics, bamboo
architecture, bamboo shoot farming, agroforestry models, pole production,
bamboo as a community resource and new products.

All bamboo growers, researchers, engineers, crafters and interested persons
are invited to attend sessions. The  presentations will feature various
aspects of bamboo research,  production and application.

The Presentations:


NED JAQUITH -   Flowering of Bamboo  - Bamboo Nurseryman, President
PNC-ABS, Portland, OR

DARREL DEBOER  - Bamboo Architecture and the Possibilities   -
Architect, Berkeley, CA

SIMON VELEZ - Bamboo Architecture in Columbia - Architect, COLUMBIA

ANDY LEE    -   Laminated Bamboo Lumber (LBL), Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Made from Bamboo, and Bamboo-Reinforced OSB Beam and Technical Data for the
Utilization of Bamboo Resources Grown in the USA During the Past Three
Years - Bamboo Researcher, Clemson University, SC.

GARY YOUNG  -  Advanced Bamboo/Epoxy Composites  -  Laminate Technician &
Researcher, HI.

TREVOR DAGILIS  -  Bamboo Particleboard  -  Civil Engineering, Queen's
University at Kingston, CANADA

Sustainable Agriculture: Research Horizons - Washington State
University-Puyallup and Lewis County Cooperative Extension

GAROLD NELSON  -  Analysis of Bamboo as Fodder - Bamboo Grower and
Stockman, Coquille, OR

DAPHNE LEWIS and SIMON HENDERSON -   Building A Bamboo Farm and Marketing
It's Products - Simon Henderson holds a Diploma in Permacultue Design from
the Permaculture Institute of Australia, Daphne Lewis is a Bamboo Landscape
Designer, Seattle, WA

TIM OGDEN - Bamboo Shoot Production - Bamboo Agroforestry Grower, Mrytle
Creek, OR.

DR. CAO QUNGEN   -   The Status, Growing and Models of Bamboo in
Agroforestry of China  -   Associate Professor in bamboo cultivation and
forest ecology, Subtropical Forestry Research Institute, CHINA

RICK VALLEY - A Polyculture for Rapid Grove Establishment - Bamboo
Grower/Permaculturist, OR.

STEPHEN BUXBAUM - Developing a Cooperative - Former Executive Director of
WA State Rural Development Council and  Executive Director of the Farm and
Community Council, WA.

MILO G. CLARK - Bamboo as a Community Resource: Bamboo as an Industrial
Commodity - Managing Director, Strategic Design, a consultancy in rural
community and development, Berkeley, CA. (Milo is the Editor of the 1997
PNW Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop Proceedings)

EMELINE NAVERA -  Establishment of a Model/Demonstration Integrated Bamboo
Propagation and Agri-Industrial Village in the Philippines - Cottage
Industry Center, Dept. of Trade & Industry, Philippines.

        Monday, June 23
             - a workshop with Simon Velez

Simon's  Sunday afternoon presentation of bamboo structures in Columbia
resumes with a personal hands-on experience.

Help build a bamboo truss.  Work joining bamboo timber.

Learn about bamboo connections. Understand bamboo pole grading systems.
Find out about using bamboo engineering standards. See how Simon uses
bamboo technology in his structures.

Space is limited. Register early.

from Gib Cooper
PNW97 Coordinator
Tel. 541/247-0835

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