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Don Baccus wrote:
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> >Agriculture is agriculture, trees or beans.  Man endeavors to produce
> >from the land a crop to his benefit and survival.
> Exactly, which is why tree farms aren't forests (in an ecological
> sense), and which is why it makes sense to preserve some forests
> (by law, sufficient to maintain our biological heritage when speaking
> of National Forests) while at the same time intensively managing
> other forest lands for timber production.
> The timber industry simply argues, by various twists and turns,
> that ALL timberlands should be converted to ag use (tree farms)
> and none should be kept as working forest ecosystems (which can
> include a mix of various less-intensive management techniques in
> a portion of such protected lands0.
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Mr. Baccus:

I'm not associated with the forest industry but am an independent
consulting forester. As such, I've looked at a lot of tree covered
ground, both "natural" and "managed". Your assertion that tree farms are
not forests strikes me as arbitrary or poorly thought out. I've seen
natural forests that consisted of one species of a single age
(monocultures?). I've seen tree farms that consisted of many species of
multiple ages. Just what is it that essentially defines a "forest" in
your opinion and how did you arrive at this definition? By the same
token is a female human who does not hold a Ph.D, or raise 2 perfect
children, cook gourmet food, and speak several languages not a "woman"?
Or is a male human who does not run a four minute mile, make $100K/year,
and is not an accomplished artist not a "man"?

My point is that everything in nature is not infinitely diverse. There
is a broad continuum in which we exist. Even simple things have value.

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